Lenovo USB Recovery Creator – fails, alternatives method to write to usb?

So I’ve requested a DDRS (digital download) based on my T480s serial.
It downloads 13GB worth of data in various files, .7z, .CRI, .IMZ and one .wim file and one .RMF file.

But the tool fails to write this to any usb key I’ve got. I’ve tried to wipe the partition table, verified that it’s a new GPT and both exFAT, NTFS but it always failes on creating partitions on the usb media.

One time it got past that but then failed with a write error stating a missing meta file. I got it, it renamed the RMF file, renamed it back and I was back to partition error again. All the usb keys are working fine for other OS install media like different linux editions and the official windows 10 media.

So is there any way to create a bootable usb key from all these files?

I got that the .CRI files are config files for the .IMZ files, and the first seems to contain the password for the latter, but I get errors when trying to extract them. Wrong password. Would be nice if I was able to extract the drivers for the PM981 nvme disk at least.

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